Sunday, August 1, 2010

St. George Vacation

The Highlight was watching the kids and there parents going down the huge slide, over and over again.
Everyone loved there time at the pool.
We spent our last day at the Sand Hollow Aquatic Center in St. George. Even Ember loved the water
Maria showing off how skinny she really is
Everyone had lots of fun, Jared, Maria, and Max climbed on the buoy and tried to ride it. It was great to watch.
Grandpa and boys enjoying the Gunlock Reservoir. We started and Baker Lake, the water was very dirty and we were a little uncomfortable with staying there so some of us left and went home some of us went to Gunlock Reservoir, it was great except for lack of shade. The water was just right. Everyone really seemed to enjoy themselves.
A great day at the lake then the reservoir.
Here Grandpa is the proof, he is soaking wet after the boats
Everyone had to get wet they had a great time at the Fiesta Fun Center, playing games inside and the water boats to end the time there. Everyone had a great time laughing and getting very wet. Aunt Stacy and Chase got a bum deal there squirt er broke in the first few minutes, yet they had a great time.
'READY SET GO" the kids ready for the fun treasure hunt, that Aunt Stacy and Sydney planned a fun hunt
Here is our little Angel Moroni, (Max and his imagination)
The guys are cleaning up after a hot day.
Ember had the easy hike of all in the stroller poor mom
Grandpa and Max is relaxing before going back
The water fall was so cool under the rocks was great. Joseph's family is enjoying the cool with grandpa
Max and Maria were the great hikers of the whole group
Jared and Sam lead the group down the hill after the hike
Max was our leader on the hike. He was ready to keep going at the end of the hike, yet no one else was up for any more
We took all 19 of us to Zion Canyon it was very hot, we did one hike and it was great fun for a little while.
We were in the pool every chance we had just to stay cool.
Fun with Grandpa in the pool
Everyone appreciate the pool, especially Sydney
Chase loved the swimming pool, along with all the kids
The kids really liked drawing pictures of the dinosaurs. Riley liked showing mom what she had done.
BethAnne and girls at the dinosaur tracks aren't they cute.
Joseph and Ashley were great helps with the kids and the games
Kaden having great fun with the games outside.

We were able to have 19 out of 23 stay in a House in the Center of St. George. We sure missed Richard, Nate, Robert, and Rob. Everyone got along well and the cousins seem to have great time with each other. The time went by way to fast. The kids had some fun things to due and didn't get time to do everything. Thanks to all of you. Sunday we played games with the kids outside. It was very hot, but nothing seems to slow down the young kids.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hopefully I can do more pictures later
What a great picture
Quit the couple, differently not a beach couple. But had a great time in Hawaii
Chase and Lucy at the Dole Planation, with pineapple plants by them. Joe stated that the plants a very sharp and would tear his gloves and chaps.

Joe back in front of the Dole Planation. He had been in Hawaii picking pineapple when he was 16 years old. It was fun to see a planation and have Joe talk about what he had done many years ago.

Great Friends

What a great group, we sure missed Richard, Juli and kids. Wish that they could have been with us
Sam just thinks Max is great

Sam and Max have fun together

Memorial Day 2010

Memorial Day at the Farmington Cemetary, It was a very cold day

Friday, April 9, 2010

Kaden Birthday

Riley and Kaden they are so cute together
Max at Kaden's Birthday Party
Samantha at Kaden's party
Birthday boy and his Thomas Cake that mommy made
Mommy and the Birthday Boy

Our little conductor

Riley's Birthday

Great Cake
Lots of fun
Riley Birthday, She looks so pretty as a fairy

Small family Party

Monday, November 9, 2009

joseph's Birthday

Getting help with his presents,

Our little Monkey Riley

Cute boy, beautiful mom

What a great little family.

Here is the birthday boy,